What a year it’s been.. we’ve loved every single second.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people, exploring some beautiful places and documenting such memorable moments for the sweetest souls that have crossed our path. Beyond thankful for each and every person we’ve met and opportunity we’ve come across.

2019 will definitely be different as we welcome our baby boy into the world but we are so ready for this new adventure of becoming a family and running a photography business. Thank you to everyone for all the support and following us along the way. We’re so blessed and so in love with what we do!

2019, we’re ready for you.

much love
nat, john, baby johnny, daisy, odin + willie


On June 23rd, our best friends said "I do" surrounded by their close loved ones! It was beautiful, intimate, FUN and all around one of the best trips we've had. We all stayed in The Grand Ole Opry hotel in Nashville, TN! Woke up on Saturday morning and got ready together just like it was any other day. Jus to give a little perspective on how laid back the day was, I (Natalie) did Macies hair and makeup hahaha. Everything was so laid back, relaxed with no stress at all! The only thing that mattered in the world was that Blaine and Macie were about to say yes to forever and continue their journey together.


We made our way to The Riverwood Mansion in Nashville. They said their vows and we took tons of photos in every corner of the venue! It was absolutely breathtaking. We could've seriously spent hours taking photos and never got tired of it. 

We have such a special place in our heart for these two and they truly mean the world to us. Being there capturing everything was such a honor. I could go on and on about all the fun we had and memories we made. We're so happy for you two. SO. SO. SO. Happy. 

Couldn't love you more.



This was a day we'll remember forever. We went as far west as we've ever been! Literally to the end of the United States. We were one jump into water away from being out of our element. It was such an unreal experience with an even more unreal view! 

Ryan + Leah are two lovebirds who've been together for years. They flew to San Francisco to meet us while we were there doing a wedding. On our last day in town we met them at Point Reyes National Seashore to capture their love in the best way we could. From the second we met them, we knew they had a DEEP kind of love. They truly embraced each other, complimented each other and brought out the best in one another. So we wanted photos that captured that perfectly. We can't thank you enough for allowing us to document such a beautiful sunset with you guys! Much love and we hope to see you again :)





This kind of love leaves me speechless. 
Igor + Olivia are such precious humans who have a strong love for one another and it truly shows. Btw, can we just point out the fact they both look like they walked out of a magazine? Jaw to the flooooor.


On May 26th they said "I do" surrounded by their loved ones at The Barn at Bennett Flats located in Heflin, AL.

Such an OUTSTANDING wedding venue full of opportunities. The landscape is to die for! We love every chance we get to shoot there! Everything about this day was simple yet perfect. 



Thank you, Igor + Olivia for allowing us to be apart of such a special day for the two of you. It was a blast!




The love that Zade & Alexis have is the love we should all strive to find. The kindness in their heart is the kindness we should pray for daily. My heart was honestly touched the day I met these two. Thank you for letting us be with you on such a special day in your lives. Words cannot express!



"I remember writing all of the things I wanted in my future husband and putting that list under my pillow so I would remember to pray for it. But I never dreamed God would send me someone who was everything on my list and more." - Alexis

"I will not vow to love you until death do us part. Because I promise to love you for eternity. I'm not sure how God will use our love for each other in Heaven but I do know that it will be infinitely better than it is here on earth. I will fall in love with you day after day." - Zade

VENUE - Otter Creek Farms
VIDEOGRAPHER - Livemore weddings
(wedding video)
CATERER - Nett's Kitchen
WEDDING DRESS - Bella's Bridal 
TUXES - Michael Khors


Warm, welcoming, laid back, and in love.

 Thats what I think of when I think of Brandon and Lauren. Everything about this day was so well planned, and yet so flexible, fun and relaxed. Every detail was so beautiful. I could go on and on about the special moments that made this day what it was. Lauren gifting her bridesmaids antique books they've been searching for over the years, Lauren and Brandon exchanging vows in the exact spot he asked her to be his wife... I could go on and on. They said I do at Aldridge Gardens in Birmingham, AL. It was STUNNING. The flowers were in full bloom and the trees were the most beautiful shade of green I've ever seen. Laurens creativity and old soul was perfectly represented throughout every single detail of this day. John and I talk about their wedding day all the time. We've never felt so welcomed, loved and apart of the crew. I truly believe everyone felt that way. I'm so in love with all of the photos and all of the beautiful memories we were able to capture for these guys! If I didn't have a limit on how many photos I could share, I'd show you every single one. 

I'm so thankful for their friendship, goofiness and down-to-earth personalities.
Much love, B + L! 

It truly was an unforgettable day.


Theres something so special about photographing two humans in love inside their own home! Austin & Millie recently made their house a "home" by painting and redecorating. (My personal favorite thing to do) So I was so excited to see the outcome! We had so much fun listening to old tunes, laughing our heads off, playing with the pups, casually washing dishes and then heading down to their favorite diner for chicken tenders & catfish ;-) We love these peeps so much! The sweetest souls known to date. I couldn't picture any one else for Austin just like I couldn't picture anyone else for Millie. Their kindness radiates beyond mountains. Thank you for your love, friendship, happy smiles and good times. Wouldn't trade it for the world!