On June 23rd, our best friends said "I do" surrounded by their close loved ones! It was beautiful, intimate, FUN and all around one of the best trips we've had. We all stayed in The Grand Ole Opry hotel in Nashville, TN! Woke up on Saturday morning and got ready together just like it was any other day. Jus to give a little perspective on how laid back the day was, I (Natalie) did Macies hair and makeup hahaha. Everything was so laid back, relaxed with no stress at all! The only thing that mattered in the world was that Blaine and Macie were about to say yes to forever and continue their journey together.


We made our way to The Riverwood Mansion in Nashville. They said their vows and we took tons of photos in every corner of the venue! It was absolutely breathtaking. We could've seriously spent hours taking photos and never got tired of it. 

We have such a special place in our heart for these two and they truly mean the world to us. Being there capturing everything was such a honor. I could go on and on about all the fun we had and memories we made. We're so happy for you two. SO. SO. SO. Happy. 

Couldn't love you more.