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(These are real questions from real people. Granted, they are all completely random. If you have any other questions, pleaaaaaase feel free to contact us on here!


Q1. Where are you located?

Alabama! Although, wherever you are is where we wanna be. ;)

Q2. Do you only shoot weddings?

No way, jose! We love to shoot couples, yes. But we love lifestyle shoots as well! (Portrait, maternity, family, etc,.) Our weekends are reserved for weddings. All the other shoots usually tend to fall on the week days, if thats ok with you!

Q3. So, you'll travel to me? Will that cost a lot?

You cover our gas/plane + nights sleep, dats it! No hidden fees. Shoot, we'll even sleep on your couch to save a dolla.

Q4. Can we provide you with a shot list of photos we would like to get?

We request a list of family members you'd like photos with. Other than that, we'd prefer for you to let us run with it! We arent the type that has certain "shots" we do.. it's way too unnatural for us. That doesnt mean they arent lovely though! It's just not our style. We know several of shooters who love doing that for their couples and we would be more than happy to help you find a photographer that is the PERFECT fit for you! Just ask us. :)

Q5. How do I book you guys?

Contact us! We'd love to chat about your day. It's all super simple :)

Q6. How would you describe your photography style?

REAL. We don't like prom posey photos, cheesy smiles or unnatural movement. PURE. We want you to be yourself. FUN. We want you to be yourselves! COLORFUL. We love to play when we edit. Gimmie all the colors.

Q7. Do you offer a pay plan for weddings or is money due up front?

We only require 30% of your package upfront. The rest isnt due until a month before your wedding. (Day of for portait sessions) - You can also pay on your wedding however you'd like. Weekly, monthly, all at once, etc,.

Q8. What is your average turnaround time on receiving images?

During wedding season, 4-8 weeks. As far as other sessions, 1 week max.

Q9. Do you offer pictures with family pets?

Yo, we're pet people. Bring the whole barn.

Q10. How far in advance should I try to book you?

For weddings, as soon as you can! We're full for 2018 and almost finished booking 2019. As far as other sessions go, I'd attempt a few months out. :) Also, I usually tell brides to go with the photographer and THEN venue. Photos last a life time. Your venue does not.

Q11. Can I get 18 hours of coverage for free?

Sure, kaley. Sure.

Q12. Do you offer videography?


Q13. Can you make an a la carte package or are you stuck choosing between package 1, 2, or 3?

We have a base wedding packages that starts at 4 hours. You can add on any extras from there if you don't want to choose from the other wedding packages!

Q14. What are the different kind of portrait packages?

Our portrait/lifestyle packages vary depending on images recieved and number of outfits/locations. Most common is 75 images, 2 outfits, 2 locations for $400!

Q15. How will are images be delivered?

All images are delivered in your own personal online gallery with digital downloadable access. As well as a print release. You're free to share it with any of your friends/family. They can download any images they choose as well. Everyone is required to credit our work when sharing on social media. Tagging our Facebook (The Wipplers Photo Co) or Instagram (The Wipplers) will do :)

Q16. Do you have dogs?

:) 4. Daisy, Willie, Lady & Odin. Lady is an oldie but a goldie. (19 years & still kickin it) She lives with Nats mom because of her age but is apart of the fam no doubt.

Q17. How long will it take to get our wedding photos back?

Your wedding photos are one of the most valuable things you now own. We strove to put our heart into each image. With that being said, we take time to to edit each and every single image exactly how we believe it should be edited. I tell brides to expect their galleries 4-8 weeks from their wedding date. We travel a lot as well as shoot a LOT of weddings.. (it gets overwhelming, but we love it) We try not to rush through the editing process so that we don't lose sight of what matters. We send 10-20 previews the day after your wedding, don't worry. And sometimes if we're at a slow point in our week.. you'll get your photos super early. It all depends. Just know, our heart and soul are poured into your images. We love you. ;)