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For those of you wondering what that is, it’s a portrait session that happens any time after your wedding, usually in a different location than your wedding venue! We head off to a bomb location, you put your wedding clothes back on and we take more photos of you guys! It allows your wedding day to be a little more stress free, laid back, and gives us all the time we want to play, get creative and adventure any where we wanna go!

here are 5 reasons why it's awesome!

P.S It doesnt have to be the day after. Shoot, it could be a year after :)


1- Makes your day easier, timeline easier & overall makes for a laid back day!


Doing a day-after session makes the wedding day a lot less stressful. If it rains on the wedding day, we’ll still have a chance of better weather the next day. Wedding days almost always run late, forcing us to slim down the timeline and give less time in other areas. Knowing we'll be taking photos of you guys the next day, it'll make it easier and not so rushed! Your day will feel easier because you don't have to quickly cram everything into a timeline. You have more time to enjoy your day, take in the fun and excitement. Then you wake up the day after, A MARRIED COUPLE and you get to love on each other as much as you want with no one around! You get to run, scream, dance, jump around in fields, go for a dip in the ocean.. whatever ya want :)


2- we can all do what we wanT


I think the most fun part is shooting in a new location. We get to explore new places! If you want photos at the beach, in the mountains, downtown, in your favorite coffee shop.. but have to normally narrow it down to one? Now is your chance to do it all! Typically, we wouldn't be able to do any of that on your wedding day. Most people don't want to keep their guests waiting. But if we have a day-after session, we can do exactly what you want. We can even meet in the morning when you wake up to photograph your first post-wedding morning together! Waking up, morning kisses, cooking breakfasts, getting each other ready.. how sweet, right? We'll go anywhere with you. There are so many options for the next day.

3- nerves. everyone's got 'em


Everyone gets nervous. Not bad nerves, just nerves. You've got tons of people surrounding you all day. Although you love each and every one of them.. you may not want them peaking through windows while we're doing your couple portraits. You may feel a little uncomfortable kissing all over each other. You don't want to miss out on that intimacy, you want to embrace each other! It could also be butterflies in your stomach from all the anticipation and emotion. But the next day, all those nerves are gone!
You get to love alllllll ya want :)




After spending your whole entire wedding day with us, you'll feel so much more comfortable! Let's be honest, who is truly 100% comfortable with a camera in their face? Especially someone they don't know that well. We usually like to get to know our couples over coffee or their engagement session.. but sometimes we aren't able to shoot everyones photos and we meet a lot of our couples the day of their wedding. We can be pals with ya as much as we want.. but it'll take a bit for you to feel 100% warmed up to us. And thats fine! Doing a day-after session will be perfect because you know us, love us and consider us your friends. You'll WANT to jump around and be silly with us. Because that's what pals do. ;) 



Like I said, weddings tend to run a bit late, which is why we build extra time into the timeline for delays. But sometimes, there are things we can't control. Losing the rings, a groomsmens coat goes missing, hangovers, redoing your makeup due to tears, your veil snags your hair and you have to touch it up, your nerves get the best of you and you need to sit down and relax, it's hot.. you need to be in the AC for at least 15 minutes.. the list goes on. We understand things will run us late. ITS LIFE. We schedule extra time for it, so don't worry! Having the day-after session is a great way to ensure that, no matter what happens, you will still have amazing photos of the two of you. You will be able to be yourselves, be in love and enjoy the moment.