taylor + alicia

These two sweet souls live over the Bay bridge in a unique little town named Alameda located in California. We had a blast exploring an old base chasing sunlight by the water with these two! We instantly clicked with them the moment we met them. You could tell they were our kind of people. Laid back, fun and outgoing. Two of the sweetest people I've ever met! After the sun went down, we went back to their FREAKING ADORABLE home to shoot a little in-home portion of their session. Which included cuddling on the couch, making out in the hallway and having a laughing contest in the kitchen floor ;-) Ended the night dancing on their porch.
(Could they be more perfect?)

When John and I were saying our goodbyes, they handed us a bottle of Champagne from their hometown. (pictured below) We drank what we could before our flight and now that bottle holds some of my favorite flowers above my fireplace.
I'll remember these two and the fun we had for forever!