igor + olivia 

Are you crying? Cause I'm crying. 
This was one of our favorite sessions known to date. Not only did we have one of the most beautiful couples, we had one of the most beautiful sunrises! John and I drove through the night to make it just in time for the sun to rise on this insanely beautiful Saturday morning on Orange beach. Totally worth it. Would do it all day, everyday if we needed to. I love this shoot so much because of the movement and story that unfolds between each image. Looking back through them makes me feel like we're there again. We laughed, danced walked across the beach a dozen of times while soaking up all of the sunshine that morning gave us. Igor + Olivia are so much fun to be around! They are full with the best kind of laughter :) - We're shooting their wedding next year and I'm counting down the days in the back of my head, (screaming with excitement on the inside) because I know it'll be absolutely breathtaking if these two are involved. Can't wait! Had the best time with you guys! 

All our love,  John + Nat