Grant » Whitney


Whitney and Grant know the way to my heart. Laid back, easy going, real whole hearted people. I knew from the start I would love them. When I think of their engagement session, I hold it dear in my heart.  It will remain one of my favorites sessions ever.  I knew then that I had some bomb wedding photos coming my way.
I was the lucky human who had the absolute honor of photographing their wedding.  Seriously…throughout the day I kept thinking to myself “I am the most #blessed wedding photographer in the world right now.”  I felt so thankful to be there.  Not only was it an honor to be at the coolest-most-beautiful-most-fun-couple-in-the-world’s wedding, but my jaw dropped when I saw how amazing, whimsical and stunning whitney looked. I literally think I remember screaming "YASSS" The day itself was joyous. Not to mention the hilarious wedding party! It was palpable.  It was the energy weaving everything together.  I know 100% it was because everyone there loves Whitney + Grant so much–there was nowhere anyone would rather be. There was an excitement in the air.  Throughout the night, whenever I’d look at them through my lens or just with my eyeballs, I’d catch them lovingly staring at each other, resting heads on shoulders, hands grazing each other’s back, sneaked glances and smiles. I loved all the dancing, all the dixie chicks songs and all the wine. It was the best. I could go on for days about this wedding but basically, it was great and it was fun. Great fun. All day, err day. I love you guys. CONGRATS!