brandon + katie

Oh man, where do I even begin? Katie and Brandon... these two are it. They are those people you just want to be friends with, ya know? And whether Katie knows it or not...we're besties. Fasho.

Our day started at Railroad Park in Birmingham, AL. We got snow cones! (but really, I got a snow cone and everyone watched me eat it and make a mess) We walked around till we found some dope spots to run around, play and vibe with each other. Then we walked around the corner and noticed Good People brewery and decided to do a quick outfit change and go chill. I learned a lot about these two that night haha and it only made me love them more! We ended the night with probably the most BOMB pizza I think I've ever had. Truly, it was life changing. SO, overall.. had a photoshoot, turned to drinks, turned to pizza....what more could you want?! Freaking loved this night and love these two! Cannot wait to celebrate with them on their big day! Until then guys.

Much love