jeremy & skylar

Where do I even start? Everyone, meet my brother Jeremy and his beautiful fiancé. To know Skylar is to love Skylar. She has a personality that captivates you and just makes you want to be her friend. Anyone who knows my brother, knows he lights up every room he walks in. He could talk to a brick wall and make it laugh. Perfect duo :) Sky came into my brothers life at the most perfect time. She has shown him how to smile, laugh and love with every bit of his heart.
She means the world to me simply because she makes my brother the happiest he could ever be. I love these two with everything inside of me
and I cannot wait to watch them say "I do" next year :)

Enough with the sappy stuff. This shoot was AMAZING! We woke up at the crack of dawn, drove down to the beach to photograph all da mushy stuff. Then we decided to jump in the ocean and make this sunrise shoot worth every second of sleep we were missing.

Ok, now go look at all their beauty.