There are so many things I could say about this beautiful human being. She is radiating with light from the inside out. She is one of those type of people that you can be around and feel like a different person when you leave. Her personality is captivating. I am beyond stoked to finally have her in my portfolio !!!!! I am DYING. If I had to tell you one thing about Kelsey to convince you that she's an awesome person, I would just go ahead and tell you that she carries around a trunk. A TRUNK. Inside her trunk, is everything she loves. I mean, honestly?! Who do you know that carries around a freaking trunk? Ugh. I want to be her. 

This shoot was one of my best. I can honestly say its because my subject was so lovely. We spent the day driving around, finding beautiful spots, listening to The Smiths and The head and the heart. Chasing the sun and hiding from stray pups. It was wonderful. 10/10 would recommend.

Thank you Kels, you're wonderful. Please continue to be you.